Authentic Grand Bay Lime Bay Rum Aftershave

Produced on the island of Dominica in the West Indies, home to volcanic mountains, verdant rainforests, and abundant plants and birds. It is also home to the iconic sought after Grand Bay brand of aftershaves. The island is home to the West Indies bay trees which produce the natural oils for this fresh and zesty lime blend.

If you love the original Grand Bay Bay Rum, then you might want to keep this option on your shelf as well. Especially during the sweltering days summer, this cooling splash can help lower your temperature. Born out of the heat and humidity of a tropical island, it is great at refreshing the senses. Use it after your shave or splash some on throughout the day to rejuvenate your mood and your scent. Join the princes and pirates before you who knew a good thing when they smelled it. Get Grand Bay Lime Bay Rum or the original Grand Bay Bay Rum products!

The Blend

The alcohol-based splash uses a proprietary blend of spices and bay tree oils but adds a refreshing dose of lime to kick it up a notch. When applied to your post-shave face, you get a cool, invigorating “burn-and-quench” to tighten and cleanse. Like the pristine, natural island from which it comes, this splash is free of artificial colors, fragrances, or synthetics.

Product Information

Size:  8 fl oz / 240 ml

Made in the Commonwealth of Dominica

Merrimack Trading is proud to be the US distributor of this iconic grooming requisite. If you want to keep it classic, why not try our Grand Bay Rum original.

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