Grand Bay Bay Rum Aftershave


A product of Dominica, West Indies.

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Produced in small batches on the Island of Dominica in the West Indies, Grand Bay Bay Rum Aftershave is a true classic. As “Nature Island of the Caribbean”, Dominica boasts lush rainforests, mountainous volcanic activity, and rare plants & birds. It is also home to the bay trees which produce oils for this simple, but proprietary blend.

The aftershave blends cane alcohol, pungent spices, and bay tree oils to create this refreshing, bracing splash. Apply to just-shaved skin for a cool, refreshing, antiseptic finish to your grooming regime. This post-shave product is naturally pure, eschewing artificial coloring, fragrances, or synthetic enhancers, like the pristine island from which it hails.

From pirates to princes, generations past have reveled in the scent of bay rum. The unique spiciness and fresh bay are a match made in paradise – a tropical paradise. And Grand Bay has led the charge for years, using only the best ingredients to create this best-selling product. Merrimack Trading is proud to be the US distributor of this iconic grooming requisite. If you love this bay rum, you might also want to try it with a twist of lime: Grand Bay Lime Bay Rum.

Size:  8 fl oz / 240 ml

Made in the Commonwealth of Dominica

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