Dominica and Grand Bay Products

Thanks to Richard’s efforts to get Calantilles products to you as soon as possible, Merrimack Trading is now leading the charge to distribute the fine aftershave and soap products you have enjoyed! Everyone is thrilled that some of our very popular products are now available from the warehouse as long as supplies last. Check the store products at the bottom of the page and order now.

Grand Bay Products

  • Grand Bay Bay Rum Aftershave

  • Grand Bay Lime Bay Rum Aftershave


Dominica Products

  • Dominica Bay Rum Herbal Soap

  • Dominica Bay Rum Herbal Soap 3-Pack

  • Dominica Bay Rum Herbal Soap 12-Pack

  • Dominica Bay Rum Shaving Soap

  • Dominica Bay Rum Shaving Soap 3-Pack

    $15.00 (products for sensitive skin)

  • BAUME.BE Shaving Cream, 200ml

  • BAUME.BE Aftershave Balm, 100ml

  • BAUME.BE Pre Shave Gel, 50ml

  • BAUME.BE Shaving Soap Refill, 135g

  • BAUME.BE Shaving Soap with Ceramic Bowl, 135g

  • Stoneware Soap Dish, Caribbean Blue

  • Stoneware Soap Dish, Island Green

  • Stoneware Soap Dish, Shipwreck Black


Welcome to Merrimack Trading

We are pleased to announce that Merrimack Trading LLC is open for business and ready to supply the exceptional Bay Rum products available from the Island of Dominica. Although the storms that hit the Islands last winter have reduced the supply of Bay Oil, we do have most of our inventory on hand and are working to eliminate shortages as quickly as possible.  We are looking forward to serving your order right away as long as supplies last. 

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